I am interest in drawing for its own sake, as an abstract visual language. I enjoy the immediacy of the expression, its directness and simplicity of means. The basic formal elements of surface and mark can carry an essence or feeling. It is this essence of creativity, of thought, of idea, of communication and not representation that I most often aim to capture my images. I would like my work to be felt more than understood.

Some of these drawings have been made using black iron oxide and magnets. The process becomes important as a way of exploring the 'nature of creativity' and offers a way of mapping it out. I am interested in the natural abstract qualities underlying creative expression and how we collectively respond to these systems. By sprinkling iron oxide over the paper and then drawing it around with magnetic forces from underneath the paper I am playing with the paradox of chance and control. The magnetic force has a life of its own independent of the forces I bring to bear. The imagination of the viewer then completes the creation.


Jonathan Keep. Computer Drawings
Computer Drawings
Jonathan Keep. Iron Oxide Drawings
Iron Oxide Dawings
Jonathan Keep. Finished Drawings
Finished Drawings
Jonathan Keep. Pot Drawings
Pot Drawings
Jonathan Keep. Life  Drawings
Life Drawings