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Looking For the Edge
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Jonathan Keep. Outdoor Pots
The Will to Form

Somebody schooled in Western European Art might describe my work as sculpture. If this is so, the content of the sculpture deals with ideas about pottery. I chose to call myself a potter in support of the gradual acceptance of pottery into mainstream Western contemporary art. Having begun to work as an artist in South Africa - twenty years ago - when European notions of high art and other cultural imperialist attitudes were being seriously questioned, the pot offered a format of universal appeal and a common human visual language.

Implicit in what I do is the questioning of the reality we create for ourselves and the questioning of Western notions of high art, and culture in general. In an increasingly global community I believe an understanding of the commonality of human experience and cultural development needs to be reinforced. I seek to explore the relationship between nature and culture; the relationship between what we make, why we make and the resources and process used to make, as an exploration to understand our existence.

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Outdoor Pots
Jonathan Keep. Floor Pots
Floor Pots
Jonathan Keep. Earthly Bodies
Earthly Bodies
Syringe Forms
Looking for the Edge
Jonathan Keep. Blown Apart Pots
Blown Apart Pots
Jonathan Keep. Lap Pots
Lap Pots
Jonathan Keep. Hand Held Pots
Hand Held Pots