Multimedia artwork - The Language of Pots
Jonathan Keep. Sketch book
  Mirrored Form   Mirrored Form
Sketch Book
Mirrored Form
Mirrored Form
Jonathan Keep. Morphology

As the title suggests, it is the Language of Pots, the way they speak to us that I have explored in this project. Published as a CD-ROM it is part of INSITE, a collection of 10 original digital artworks commissioned by Suffolk County Council and are available to view at selected libraries across Suffolk or are available on loan.

Laid out as a number of interactive multimedia pages, viewers explore the CD-ROM from an opening home page. There is no set order or narrative but I think there is a logic in a clockwise navigation of the page icons.

Fulfilling the commission brief the first pages are informative, giving viewers an insight into my approach to pottery. Pages on morphology are followed by a sound page. I then look at how multimedia technology can by used, concentrating particularly at Quick-Time-VR.

Asked to make some new work, 'Globe Series' and 'Mirrored Forms' are pages of virtual pots. Globe Series explores ideas of how pots reflect the maker and his/her environment. Mirrored Forms are experiments in symmetry. Finally a virtual sketchbook holds material generated during the project.

Jonathan keep. Sound page
Sound Page
Jonathan Keep. Globe series
Globe Series

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