Jonathan Keep.  Tile image


With the tile works I allows the intrinsic material quality of the clay to become the medium for natural pattern making. Treating each piece as a wall painting, I consider the overall composition, then like the pixels on a computer screen each element is created to fit the overall design. The inherent fired colours of the clay gives a pallet from earthy red, through brown, grey to black . Touches of blue and turquoise glazed highlights certain areas.

Navel - the circle created by the outstretched limbs of full sized human figure.

Rising / Falling - thinking of the image from outer space of the earth behind the moon

Arch - a structuraly soud form made with natural materials.

Horizon - made of different layered clays, sliced through this has a strong landscape feel.

Navel 210 cm
Jonathan Keep.  Tile image
Rising - Falling 300 cm
Jonathan Keep.  Arch
Arch 450 cm
Jonathan Keep.  Horizon
Jonathan Keep.  Fountain design
Horizon 800 cm Fountain design in Norwich