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CURVE SERIES – at first thought to base a series on curves might seem a little formal and uninteresting but nothing of it. Without curves we would only have strait lines and we would have no form. This illustrates perfectly how if we take a simple concept such as the curve and look at it ever more closely we begin to bring our own subjective and emotional values to bare, who has not appreciated a beautiful curve.
Then if you start to look at the mathematics or mechanics behind curves more beauty emerges, first in the play of proportions, ratios and relationships between elements form the most microscopic to the massive such as planetary paths of movement emerges. It is imposable to remain objective but begin to believe there is revelation and redemption to be found in this beauty.
In this series I seek out well know curve functions such as Rose curves, Lissajous curves and those used in Spirographs, coding them in Processing so I get three dimensional forms. I can then export this information directly to the ceramic 3D printer – I am thinking like the path the printer will take, or possibly a terrestrial body.

Jonathan Keep - Curve series
Curve series
Jonathan Keep - Curve Series
Jonathan Keep - Curve series
Curve bowls
Explaining the Big Bang
Jonathan Keep - Curve series
Jonathan Keep - Curve series